Azienda agricola Ca' dei Boschi - San Marzano Oliveto




The soil of the wine estate Ca' Dei Boschi is geomorphologico typical for the area of the Alto Monferrato, close to the river Tanaro.

The sedimentary alluvialsoil consits of loamy ground and silicate, and is considerde as a sandy loamy ground.

The well structured grounds (soil) are calcaerous and they have a PH-value of 7.8, and they have a low amount of mineral matirial, mostly under 1%.

The rolling hills with the high amount of loamy ground, are vulnerable to erosion through rainfalls.

Because of this special soil, the grapes grow and ripe well balanced. The berries grow small and this guranties to produce high quality wines.

The “Valle Asinari” where the wine estate is located in the Piedmont has always been considered one of the best winegrowing regions. Many fine and unique wines are grown here.