Azienda agricola Ca' dei Boschi - San Marzano Oliveto


The vineyard Ca’ dei Boschi is a little paradise amidst the vineyards of Piedmont, nature’s treasure! Everyone who visits here has only one wish, to stay here forever.

On the soft rolling hills of the Monferrato area the grapes for our wine varieties, Lupetto, Bricco Nero, BriccOriente, SyrBric and Loop di Loup, thrive. 

The grapevines are looked after with great care and love throughout the year so we can harvest and press our well-matured grapes. 

The secret ingredients are not only the hot summers in the Piedmont area, but also the extraordinary volcanic soil of San Marzano Oliveto and the special microclimate which lend the Barbera wine its typical bold taste and structure. This characteristic wine, popular all over the world, is unique and represents the strong character of the people of Piedmont; you cannot alter them nor their wine.

For the wine lover preferring a slightly milder wine, we offer a most unusual blend produced from Barbera, Cabernet, Merlot and a hint of Syrah; an absolute delight that caresses the palate with its mild taste.

Something to look forward to, in autumn we will present our SyrBric, a pure Syrah.  This is a noble wine, a novelty to the market, and you will feel like you are in heaven while drinking it.

At the end of August when the grapes are mature the air is filled with the smell of the Moscato grapes. During the harvest, warm, ripe and sweet grapes lie in your hand. It is truly satisfying for the winegrower to harvest these grapes. The final product is a dream of lively, fruity, sweet white wine with low alcohol content.

Whoever tastes our wine will immediately realize the love and attention that we devote to our vineyard and the production of our wine. We wish you a special, unforgettable experience as you drink it.