Azienda agricola Ca' dei Boschi - San Marzano Oliveto


Ca’ dei Boschi adopted the philosophy of the working farm family as its company philosophy. 

We are a small company that stands on a hill that rests its gaze north to the town of Nizza Monferrato and to the south is lost in the panorama of the hills of Canelli.

Everyone knows each other around here. This is the beauty of these places. Every year the hills of Langhe and Lower Piedmont are enriched with long rows of bountiful vineyards. It is our wish to similarly enrich the hills of San Marzano in the Asinari Valley Region with our closely tended precious vineyard. We have the greatest respect for nature and strive to incorporate more advanced winegrowing techniques while doing no harm.

Our daily work consists of cultivating the vines to produce the freshest, most fragrant grapes that make our wine the elixir of well-being for people to enjoy not only on those most special of occasions, but also in everyday life. 

It is the love of good wine that enticed the Schmucker family to purchase 50 acres in San Marzano. We have cultivated the vineyard to produce a variety of quality wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Moscato and Syrah. We have also invested much effort in producing Barbera grapes, which if paired with other grapes produce a sublime blend of flavors on the palate.

We turned a family farming working style in the hills into a company philosophy.

In our company we have three distinct guidelines, necessary and indispensable, which are passed down vineyard by vineyard: 

  • First, respect the unique identity and value of the region. 

  • Second, protect and preserve the integrity of the land by managing cultivation to enhance the local vine varieties, emphasizing their connection with the geographical territory and highlighting their peculiarities. 

  • Third, quality control by following step by step the entire production, from the fruit to the bottle, while constantly searching for the optimization of the product using the latest technology.

This in a nutshell is the philosophy of our small company working as part of a large family in a beautiful region to produce the highest quality wine.